In this guide we will provide all of the information you need to hang our paste the paper wallpaper and effortlessly elevate your space. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a first-time decorator, this comprehensive guide will empower you on your decorating journey. 


Getting started

Before diving straight into it you will need to prepare the space you’re planning to decorate and ensure that you have the right tools to wallpaper your walls. Whether you’re aiming to create a feature wall or you are wallpapering an entire room, you will need the below wallpapering essentials to ensure a smooth application and excellent finish.

In the list of items below, we have presumed that the wall is ready for papering with the previous wallpaper stripped and the wall primed and free from residual old paste.


What you will need to wallpaper a wall

  • Paper-hanging scissors with long blades

  • Wallpaper or pasting table

  • Plumb line (and chalk/pencil)

  • I Love Wallpaper Premium Wallpaper Paste

  • Paste brush or roller

  • Seam roller

  • Wallpaper brush

  • Combination smoother/cutter

  • Ladders (if required)

  • The I Love Wallpaper paste the paper wallpaper design of your choice - use our handy calculator to determine how many rolls you will need to order


You can get your kit ready to go with our collection of professional standard tools.


How to hang wallpaper


To make sure that your wallpaper lengths are applied straight, take the plumb line and chalk/pencil and draw a vertical line down the wall. If you’re hanging patterned wallpaper, we suggest starting at the windows or at the chimney breast and working outwards around the room.


Step 1: The first step will be to measure the height of your wall and add roughly 10cm extra to allow for trimming before using wallpaper scissors with long blades to cut the first strip ready to paste. You can use this first strip to then measure the second strip, and if your wallpaper has a pattern, match the two strips side by side to ensure you’ll be able to line them up so that the pattern is continuous.


Step 2: Follow the instructions and mix your I Love Wallpaper Premium Paste in a bucket or roller tray, depending on whether you plan to use a pasting brush or a roller to apply the paste (in this case, we’ll presume you’re using a brush).


Step 3: You’ll want to lay the first strip of wallpaper face down onto the pasting table and using the wallpaper brush, apply the paste in upwards and outwards movements, covering the entire side of the paper.


Step 4: From one end of the strip, fold towards the centre of the length. This concertina style folding will help when it comes to placing onto the wall, dropping out the folds and aligning the wallpaper to meet the previously drawn chalk line on the wall for a straight fit.


Step 5: Once you’ve positioned the first strip of wallpaper, leaving edges at the top and bottom, use the smoother to meet the edges and smooth out any bubbles. Using the smooth brush bristles, tap along the edges where the paper meets the ceiling and skirting boards.


Step 6: Score a line using scissors along the edges before following the scored line to trim the excess paper and smoothing the wallpaper back into place.  


Repeat these steps until your wall or room makeover is complete and remember to tag on Instagram so that we can see the finished result!


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